3 Ways You Can Help Prevent Cruelty to Animals

I love animals, but not many of my friends share my passion. However, they’re all united in their stand against cruelty to our four-legged and other friends in the critter kingdom, and they do what they can to prevent animals from being abused and ill-treated. So even if you don’t own a pet and even if you’re not much of an animal lover, here’s what you can do to ensure that animal rights are respected and those who abuse them are brought to book:

  • Call it in: You may not be actually ill-treating an animal, but you’re guilty of the crime if you don’t report it or take the perpetrator to task. You may be busy and have a full schedule, but it doesn’t take more than a minute to call in an animal abuse incident. Your local operator can help you reach the right number where you can register a complaint.
  • Stop the abuse: If you see someone beating or kicking an animal or abusing it in any other way, try and get them to stop. If they don’t listen to you or if they start harassing you, get some help from bystanders. If nothing works, report the abuse and check to see if your complaint has been acted upon.
  • Look for signs of abuse: Abuse doesn’t have to happen in real time – you can detect it when you look at the animal and see that they’re not in good health because they’ve been abused. If they limp, have bald patches on their coat, scratch often because of fleas and ticks, or if they cower in fright at the sight of people, there’s a good chance the animal has been abused. Call in signs of abuse to the right authorities.

Cruelty to animals is of two kinds – abuse and neglect. The former comprises physical abuse (beating, kicking, whipping, throwing stones at them, and so on), and the latter includes not feeding pets or providing them with enough water, not ensuring a warm and comfortable home and living conditions for them, not grooming them and keeping them clean, and not looking after their health or taking them to the vet when they’re not well.

Teach your children to respect animals and treat them well by setting an example – the values you teach them when they’re young tend to stay with them all their lives.

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